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domain malaysia Why Choose Malaysiahoster ?

We know you're probably shopping around, and we know the competition is fierce! So we've put together a list of reasons why we feel The Web Space Outlet offers significant advantages over our competition. We will also try to address a couple of nagging questions like, "My ISP gives me free Web space, why would I need to buy from a dedicated web hosting company, like yours?" and "The prices of some web hosts seem too low to be true, are they?"


Fast Services
Does other provider active your account within five (5) minutes for you after you made payment? If our staffs are online, once you made payment after five (5) minutes 10 minutes, we will active your domain name and hosting. If there is no staff available currently the longest time they wait is 1 hours. We are here to provide good customer services for you.

Speed and Reliability
Guarantee get fully speed from our server so Test Speed Here Before you buy ( 1 Mb connection Download rate up to 90 kbp/s , 512 Mb up to 50 kbp/s)
Asia clients are hosted in our HongKong server while offshore clients are placed in our oversea server. Therefore your data are easily accessible in a blink of eyes. Our servers are self-managed with daily backup programme making sure your data are always safe. 24 Hours real dedicated and experienced customer service makes sure our server uptime are always maintained and server services are always upgraded to the latest.

Does other provider offer 24 hours phone support? We offer 24/7 emergency phone support to exist customers in English, Malaya, Mandarin and Cantonese, so you can rest assure that you'll be taken care of in case of any problem that may occur by our well trained staff.

Pacific Internet currently direct connected to Hong Kong Internet Exchange (2000Mbps), MCI - UUNet (100Mbps), Reach (100Mbps), NTT/Verio (150Mbps), T-System - Dutch Telecom (100Mbps), HGC (80Mbps), Pacific Internet Singapore (50Mbps), China Motion (80Mbps) as well as many direct peers to Asia ISP.

MalaysiaHoster, provide cheap and quality webhosting. Many people doubt that with low price hosting they will not get the maximum quality. The perception is totaly WRONG!! We has been successful in providing best services with low price.

Easy To Use
We provide many easy facilities to make you more easier to manage and build your own website (example, the newest cpanel with FANTASTICO and SITEBUILDER)
Build your own website within 5 minutes? Less Than 5 Steps?

domain malaysia
domain malaysia domain malaysia