domain malaysia domain malaysia
domain malaysia

About MalaysiaHoster
Early 2006, MalaysiaHoster, a webhosting company was formed under Dragon Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd. with a mission to provide the best webhosting services in Malaysia. Our objective is not only to provide the best service but also to provide webhosting services with quality. Within 3 months, MalaysiaHoster had 250 customers who are pleasantly satisfied with the services provided. We are proud to be the fastest growing company in Malaysia and Indonesia). Nevertheless, we are glad to assist you should there be any problem.

Easy to Manage
MalaysiaHoster offers feature rich services such as Cpanel and Fantasisco. It is easy for our customer to manage their webhosting with the tools provided. We provide Domain Manager for our customers. With the domain manager, customers will be able to edit the nameserver and their details without hassle.

Lower price
MalaysiaHoster provides services at the lowest cost and with top quality webhosting services - at very reasonable prices. We do not charge any fees for restoring file or suspend penalty. MalaysiaHoster's Provide free whois domain name for customers as it make protect user's domain name details from spamming email.

Customer Care
MalaysiaHoster customer support department offers 24/7/365 phone support as we believe in assisting customers through will always be our satisfaction. If there is any problem on their webhosting account, we are glad to help them within 24 hours. For all technical support questions, email support@malaysiahoster.com.

Fast Connection
Our Server located in Malaysia and Hongkong Click Here. Pacific Internet currently direct connected to Hong Kong Internet Exchange (2000Mbps), MCI - UUNet (100Mbps), Reach (100Mbps), NTT/Verio (150Mbps), T-System - Dutch Telecom (100Mbps), HGC (80Mbps), Pacific Internet Singapore (50Mbps), China Motion (80Mbps) as well as many direct peers to Asia ISP.

domain malaysia
domain malaysia domain malaysia